A little bit about myself... (Bio)


My art career started in high school when I was really excited in drawing and painting. In college my interest was Illustrative painting but in my second year I decided go into graphic design. In my third year I again changed my major again to computer animation and video. My bachelors degree is in Media Arts and Animation from the Art Institute of Washington in Rosslyn Virginia. After graduation I freelanced for two years doing mainly short animations,  3d walkthroughs and small graphic design projects.

Then in 2005 I went to Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore Maryland for graduate school. In graduate school my focus was 3d animation and my Thesis was my love for church buildings and 3D Modeling. Once I completed my Master’s degree, my goal was to find a great job in art.

In 2006 I was hired as a Production Specialist at

Trans - Management Systems Corporation (TMSC). I’ve been there for two and half years now. Parts of my job involve Graphic Design, Video Editing, Video Production, and Writing Standards for Digital Video and Audio section. My future plans in art are to continue in some facet of Photo, Computer Art or Design. But focus more on video and audio and to one day teach at the college level.

Check out my old site to see where it all started www.modeledreality.com

Art Facts about me...

Favorite Artist - Rembrandt van Rijn

Favorite Art book - The Creative Call: An Artist's Response to the Way of the Spirit by Janice Elsheimer

Favorite Piece of Art - Night Watch - Rembrandt (1642)

Favorite Art Movie - Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

Favorite Art Song - Photograph ( Straight Mental Jacket Smile 1986)

Favorite Art Software - Adobe Photoshop CS

Favorite Color - Royal Blue

Favorite Painting Style - Realism

Favorite Style of Art - Fine Art

Favorite Art Museum - National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C

Favorite Movie Art Studios - Dreamworks SDK and ILM

Favorite Art Class in School - Digital Art Design

Favorite Art Town - Venice Beach CA

I was born in Hackensack, New Jersey in 1979 and then when I was four, moved to Washington D.C area where I have lived for the last 25 years. The Washington D.C area is a very interesting place. It’s not quite the excitement of New York but has a lot of culture and diversity of people. Some of the hobbies I have are: visiting art museums, going to AFI theater to see the newest independent films, and of course going to a Nationals Baseball game in the spring and summer.

What my hope is for the future in-terms of creating art is to do two things: one, broadcast my art further over the web. Two, collaborate with other artists in my field or location. Lastly, display my videos and other pieces in a gallery or art show setting. And also I would like to write a book about my experiences in art and how to create great Digital Portfolio in Video or 3d Animation. Plus, if I have time a passion of mine has been to open up my own business online to make and sell custom gaming computers and laptops for computer builders like myself.

The art I’m interested in looking at and reading about is mostly computer generate art or CGI Art. My favorite digital painter is Ryan Church. His very detail pieces inspire me to push my self to create better digital art work. Some of my favorite CGI web sites are CGChannel.com, AWN.com and Gnomon.com. Also I’m alway’s checking around the internet for new artists and work that is very detail and well composed. I’m also a big fan of drawing and looking at Fine Art websites as well.

Picture of my work area. This is where I create the my art and work on business stuff sometimes.


Other websites to see my work: