Future Art Projects I will be working on


Revelation is a project that I’m presently thinking about. What I want to do is to create 20 pieces that represent the chapters in the Holy Bible’s chapter called Revelation. Each piece will be an Digital Painting in which I will include the chapter and versus in which the work represents. The reason why I choose this chapter more then any other, is that Revelation has always feared and intrigue me as artist and Christian. The time I will start this project will be some time at the end of 2009 through 2011. What I hope to accomplish is creating this large project is to better explain the chapter in a illustrative form and show God’s love in the beginning and end.

Media - Digital Painting and 3D

Purpose - To show the meaning and purpose of this story from the Bible in my life


Urban Graffiti revisited...

Start Date - in Fall 2009

Project - to create Graffiti projects based on social and popular issues in North America. These issues are based upon issues that have effected African American and Hispanic Community presently.

Media - Digital Painting

Purpose - To show the great side of this hidden art and it’s impact on the art world




Check back to ModeledReality2.com for updates on both these projects.

Check out some links for studying the Bible, Prophecy  and resources about 7th Day Adventists beliefs:

Below are two projects I’ve been thinking about doing Since Graduate school in 2006. Both projects will test my skills and better help me understand the digital Painting craft. Plus improve the storytelling aspect that I’ve been trying to integrate into my work for years.